With the still growing use of CAD systems, the need arises for specialized services in this particular area. CADQ is a small firm, established after several years of experience in the use of AutoCad in several versions, specialized in this.

What we can do for you:


We provide Cad production for your design and working drawings. At this moment, we have mainly experience in the architectural area. Relative simple drawing work, as for example paper-to-electronic conversion, is also possible for other technical disciplines.

We can quote work per hour or per the entire job.


We have plenty of experience in the creation of 3D drawings, isometric and perspectives. On the basis of existing AutoCad drawings, we can provide you with perspectives for presentations, from very simple to fully detailled..


When a more realistic drawing is needed, we can create photo-realistic renderings with the use of specialized 3D Software from your AutoCad drawings.


We can assist you with the customizing of AutoCad. Customizing is a fairly cheap way to save your company much time and money, in the daily use of AutoCad. Examples are: Creating your own menu's, hatchpatterns, linetypes, fonts, etc.


To save even more time, we have a large collection of specialized software available, to add new commands to AutoCad. Most of these are of interest to everyone who uses AutoCad, some are very specialized. All programms can be customized by us, to meet your personal needs, or if nescessary, we create new ones for you.


Although we don't pretend, to be real IT specialists, we can help you with the installation and configuration of new software, including AutoCad, installation of a computer-network, making of backups, etc. If the task is too complex for us, we don't have any problem to direct you to the services of a more specialized company.


Due to our knowledge of AutoCad, we can provide you with training in the use of this software. For starters, but also for more experienced Cad-users. In most cases, training will be done at your office, and is therefore restricted by the distance to our country.


Saving your older projects on your harddisk can be risky. Therefore, we think it advisable to write those to CD-Rom. We can take a copy of your drawing files, and return them on CD to you. Before writing them, we will purge the drawings, to remove all unused entities, to make the drawings as small as possible.